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Slate is a rock with a plate-like structure and basically no recrystallization. It is a metamorphic rock. The original rock is argillaceous, silty or neutral tuff, which can be stripped along the direction of the slab. The color of the slate varies with the impurities it contains. Slate is a characteristic slab-like structure. Shallow metamorphic rocks are formed by claystone, silty sedimentary rocks or medium-acid tuff rocks and sedimentary tuff.

Slate can generally be named according to different color impurities, such as black carbonaceous slate and gray-green calcareous slate. In the low-level thermal contact metamorphism, shallow metamorphic rocks with a speckled structure and a plate-like structure can be formed, commonly referred to as "spotted rocks." Slate can be used as building materials and decorative materials, and is commonly used as roofing tiles and paving stones.

Natural slate is divided according to use: floor, roof tile, wall panel, countertop; by color: green, gray, black, red, purple, brown, yellow, rust; according to lithology: muddy slate, siliceous slate, carbonaceous slate, quartz slate; according to the finished product: organic cutting slate, chaotic slate; according to the corrosion resistance of slate: acid-resistant slate and non-acid slate. Cultural stone acid resistance is one of the most important criteria for measuring whether a slate is suitable for roofing tiles.

Slate has become the most popular building material as a natural stone. Slate stone is mainly used in the construction industry. Slate material is superior to general artificial covering materials, moisture-proof, wind-resistant and heat-insulating. Slate roofs can last for hundreds of years. MCM slate is safe, ecological and environmentally friendly.

Slate are used for floor and wall tiles in interior and exterior areas. Slate floors tiles are usually laid out in corridors, basements and kitchens. The indoor slate flooring is durable, versatile and aesthetically pleasing. Homeowners can use slate to decorate the interior into a one-of-a-kind environment. The indoor slate floor can be polished slate, or it can be natural style and color. Slate is very colorful mainly based on composite ash, such as gray yellow, gray red, gray black, gray, etc., up to 256 collection colors . The outdoor slate floor can be a random slate or slate tile. Irregular slate can be of different shapes, such as orphans, trapezoids, and parallelograms.

Due to weather and pollution resistance, slate is often used in various residential and commercial landscaping projects, often used as paving stones to decorate the surrounding areas of the pool, including exterior walls and even courtyards. Slate stone can also be used as a fountain to combine traditional and modern styles.

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