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The preciousness, uniqueness and diversity of semi-precious stones make it an indispensable and important place in high-end architectural decoration. This kind of stone is loved by people because of its rare and precious materials, natural and unique grain color. The application can not only make the whole space look luxurious, but also show the owner's unique taste. In the unique and precious characteristics of the stone itself, various design innovations (such as: lighting design, large board splicing, waterjet medallion, etc.) make it more beautiful and luxurious.

Processing of semi precious stones. Semi precious stone slabs are made up of natural gemstones and minerals. In nature, these semi precious stones are usually in the form of small pieces, while the whole semi precious stones are hand-selected by artisans and they are epoxy-coated and formed together. Although the epoxy provides some additional bending strength to the formed segments, the processing of the semi precious stones is still very demanding.

Because the semi precious stone paste process is very complicated, the natural semi precious stone slabs are all hand-assembled by experienced craftsmen, which are very precious and add a sense of luxury.

When cutting a semi precious stone slab, you need to buy a special cutting disc. The edge polishing can be performed like other standard granite. The machining speed must be halved. For manual polishing, you must use the water polishing process because the semi precious stones are all minerals on the whole piece.

Avoid ammonia, bleach or any other irritating cleaning agents when cleaning semi-precious stones. Mild or neutral detergent for the cleaning of semi precious stones. Avoid direct sunlight when storing slabs. Avoid placing the slab under 10°C (50°F) or above 40°C (104°F).

The standard size of semi-precious stones is usually 1450x 2750 x 30mm, so you should pay attention to the countertop installation of semi-precious stones:    Generally, the distance between the support points of the semi-precious stones and 30 mm thickness is not more than 60 cm, and the span between the plates should be reduced to a minimum to prevent damage and cracking.

For the countertop, the distance between the fulcrums is not more than 30 cm. In the case of suspension, the support points must be strong. If the distance between the support points exceeds the maximum value mentioned above, the additional support and fixing need to be strengthened.

Moreover, since the semi-precious stone of the agate type is formed of a semi-precious stone combined with epoxy resin, it is not resistant to high temperature, so it can be installed as floor tiles, but it cannot be equipped with floor heating, and its installation area must be avoided high heat, such as when installed on kitchen countertops, hot pots and other kitchen utensils above 40 °C, must be separated by insulation mats to ensure that the semi-precious stones are not damaged.

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