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What is a roman column. The so-called roman column is not from Rome but from Greece. The philosophy, aesthetics and science of ancient Greece were brilliant and splendid. The architecture was also mature. The Romans completely grafted the Greek architectural system and other cultures after conquering Greece, and then formed Roman culture. Later, through the conquest war in Rome, it affected the whole western world. Among them, the ancient Greek column is more loved by the Romans.

And it has evolved and evolved to form a set of sufficiently rich architectural languages that have spread to all parts of the world. After the United States in 1776, Jefferson, one of the founding fathers, played a major role in the planning of major cities. The United States Capital has a typical Greek spirit, with a huge column and a magnificent atmosphere, symbolizing the United States' strong confidence after the hardship of independence.  In essence, the roman column is a symbol of human beauty and has become the public opinion of the art world. Among them, the doric column style clearly reflects the strength of male. The other two ionic columns and corinthian columns are considered to be symbols of dignified adult women and beautiful girls.

When it comes to european style, one of the decorations that can't be ignored is the roman column. Marble columns have long been favored by european countries, making it an integral part of luxury homes. With the deepening of people's understanding of stone, many buildings have begun to use a lot of stone, and marble columns have become an excellent representative of luxury homes. As you approach those bank buildings and look up at these roman columns, what is born is sublimity and magnificence, solemnity and self-confidence. The roman column, though man-made, is comparable to heaven.

Roman columns types:  

1, Doric column. This is a kind of column without a column foundation. It is placed directly on the step seat. It is made up of a series of drum-shaped stones, which are thicker and more magnificent. The surface of the cylinder is engraved with continuous grooves from top to bottom, and the number of grooves varies from 16 to 24. It comes from ancient Egypt, named by the famous French Egyptian scholars. It is the pioneer of this Greek column. The Doric column has a large proportion and is gradually reduced from bottom to top. The height of the column is 4-6 times of the bottom diameter. The column is engraved with a concave circular groove, the groove back is angular, the stigma is relatively simple, there is no pattern, the ratio of the height of the crotch on the base is 1:4 without the column foundation, and the column spacing is about 1.2 to 1.5. Times.

2, Ionic column style. This type of column is relatively slender and exquisitely engraved. The column is long and thick, but it has no curvature. The groove of the column is deep and semi-circular. The upper stud is composed of a decorative strip and two connected large circular scrolls on which the top plate is directly trussed. In short, it gives a relaxed, lively and feminine temperament.

3, Corinthian column. It may appear at the Temple of Zeus at the Olympus Mountain in Athens at the earliest. The four sides have scroll-shaped decorative patterns, and there are two rows of leaves, especially in pursuit of fine and well-balanced, very gorgeous and delicate.

4. GRC Roman column. The glossy column gives the building a very clear, atmospheric feel that looks generous. The line-shaped column has a unique Roman column-like decorative line that is simple and clear, revealing the ancient civilization, giving people a sense of patchwork.

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