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Speaking of artificial quartz stone, perhaps the first thing that people think of is the cabinet countertop, quartz stone countertop, which mistakenly thinks that quartz stone is just a kind of material used for making countertops. In fact, the use of quartz stone is very extensive.

The most important thing is the use value of quartz stone. The advantage of quartz stone is that it is not afraid of scratching, and it has good high temperature resistance. It can be used for large-area paving walls and various kitchen and countertops for durability. Wear resistance: the surface hardness of quartz stone can be as high as 6.5 grades above Mohs hardness, far greater than the general weapon, will not be scratched by it; easy to clean and pollution-free: quartz stone is made in vacuum under the condition of a dense, non-porous composite material The liquid substance used in daily use does not penetrate into the interior. The liquid placed on the surface for a long time can be wiped off with a rag if it is cleaned with water or clean and bright; non-toxic and non-radiative; the surface of the quartz stone is smooth and flat. No scratches, dense and non-porous material structure makes the bacteria have nowhere to hide, can be in direct contact with food, safe and non-toxic.

Quartz stone is an artificial stone product. Because its main component quartz content is as high as 93%, it is called quartz stone. The higher the content of quartz in quartz stone, the lower the resin quantity, the better the quality, the closer to nature, the less deformed. When the content of the resin in the quartz stone is more than 10%, the corresponding technical index will decrease accordingly, and the quartz stone at this time cannot be called the real quartz stone.

Artificial quartz stone can completely replace natural stone, high-grade ceramic, wood, metal decorative materials. At the same time, quartz stone applications are constantly changing, the application share of cabinet countertops is large, and the proportion of ground applications is also increasing. Due to the very high hardness of quartz stone, reaching 5-7 degrees Mohs, this brings certain difficulties to the processing technology of quartz stone. The consumption of the whole cabinets is increasingly personalized, which requires very high cabinet design, which increases the difficulty of processing and manufacturing for processing technicians. The high hardness of quartz stone has higher requirements for the grinding and splicing of quartz stone.

With the rapid development of China's artificial quartz stone production enterprises, production technology and production capacity have increased. Quartz stone is inexpensive and is the best choice for home and public decoration. Quartz stone has been widely used in kitchen countertops, countertops, dining tables, sinks, window sills, bar counters, interior walls, floors and door covers, etc. It is suitable for projects of apartments, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, banks, subway stations, airports, hospitals, libraries, laboratories and homes and more.

Artificial quartz stone is a brand-new decorative material made of quartz crystal ore as raw material, which is a combination of natural beauty and technical application. The quartz crystal ore itself has the natural characteristics of crystal clear, clear, beautiful color, luxurious, high hardness, no deformation, no discoloration, no radioactivity, acid and alkali resistance. The artificial quartz stone is made of this material, which combines the advantages of many natural stone and artificial stone. It has been widely adopted and used by customers in Europe, America, Australia, Middle East and other countries and regions, and has been sold to Italy and the United States, Spain, Turkey, Portugal and other European and American countries. Quartz stone sales prices are also acceptable to the general public.

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